What We Do

WEBZILLA specializes in high impact web site solutions with the aim of providing professional and world standard web services with cost efective and profitable solutions for small to large businesses and organizations locally and offshore. Below is a list of our leading services:

Web Hosting

WEBZILLA is dedicated to providing their customers with the most reliable web hosting service possible. Fast, reliable, web hosting at an affordable price with secure servers, and 24/7 technical support make hosting your website with WEBZILLA the obvious choice.
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Web Design

Web design is the skill of creating presentations of content that is delivered to an end-user through the World Wide Web, by way of a Web browser or other Web-enabled software with the intent to create a website. Your company's website is the receptionist or the face of your company on the internet across the globe. It has the ability to provide 24/7 information to your clients when they require it and to convince visitors to become your customers.
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Bulk SMS

Our Bulk SMS solution is ideal if you need access on the move as you can send high volumes of messages from any web-enabled PC from any corner of the world which enable you to connect, interact and transact with customers, suppliers, employees, and partners all over the globe. Our Bulk SMS Solution is used by many corporates, stock brockers, financial institutes, schools, organisations, etc.
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Web Applications Development

The power of a website is not limited to a normal web design that only displays information to customers or acts as your company brochure for visitors. Rather a website can contain interactive commercial off-the-shelf software, rich functionalities, business management tools, intranet solutions, database driven applications, etc. At WEBZILLA, we have the best team of world class web developers and programmers that would transform your website into powerful business channels tailored to the nature of your business in order to improve its gain locally and offshore.
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Internet Marketing

Having a website without promoting it is not enough to increase the level of popularity of the website on the internet. WEBZILLA offers effective and efficient Internet Marketing strategies to help businesses both small and large expand their operational scope of online activities to attract and retain more visitors, and to increase traffic to their websites. This strategies include SEO, Email Newsletters, Social Media , Mobile Marketing, Website Visitor Analysis.
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